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Ex pain

  • I have a pain I know that will come again

  • It looks for me as if I own it

  • I force it down by habit

  • It grows

  • It brings along your scent

  • I force it down

  • It imposes hurt on me

  • I turn away only to be hugged by the blood

  • It watches me as I sleep

  • It slips into my thoughts

  • Carrying my burden in ever breath

  • I look for an escape with out it

  • But I have been assigned to its pain

  • My only ally time

  • But he has yet to look for me

  • You have loved me for far to short

  • A love only you could hear

  • A bell only you could ring

  • And a whisper only you could mutter

  • I on the other hand

  • Have shouts the boom through the cities

  • A love that reaches through walls

  • And speaker phone that spreads for miles

  • but why is it none of that has reached you?

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